New Footcare Product – Distributors Invited

New Footcare Product – Distributors Invited

Fabulous Products South Africa, owners of the FAB FEET EXFOLIATING SHOWER MAT AND BIO-GELS welcome interested celebrations to tender proposals for blood circulation of the Fabulous Products.

Our feet take a hammering every day– they have to squeeze into tight shoes and sustain chafing, pinching and wetness. As a result, feet hold up versus and wind up being difficult and split … and require some TLC!

Now, your customers too can have great feet with the all new Proudly South African Fab Feet Exfoliating Shower Mat and the eco-friendly naturally degradable fragrant Fab Feet Bio-Gels.

The Fab Feet Exfoliating Shower Mat is non-slip and moulds to the shape of your feet throughout use. The mat’s technique is it’s natural, peach pip exfoliating area; a layer of entirely crushed peach shell speciality bonded to a 16 mm high performance soft, closed cell comfy, insular non-slip base.

The natural peach granule exfoliating layer, in incorporate with the Bio-Gels, totally yet effectively cool, massage, promote and exfoliate your feet leaving them softer, smoother, much healthier and brought back.

The mat is unconditionally made sure for thirty days and the life span can extend well beyond this period based upon the number and weight of the users and the degree to which weight and energy is focused on the mat.

The Fab Feet Bio-Gels have really in truth been established to be utilized with the Exfoliating Shower Mat to clean up, moisturise and safe and protect your feet. Due to that rough old skin is being entirely gotten rid of, the Bio-Gels offer anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal house or service domestic or company domestic or business residential or commercial properties that leave your feet, the mat and your shower fresh and hygienically cool.

The gels, which are environment-friendly, are packaged in 200 ml shower hook bottles for handy hanging on your shower taps and are provided in 3 fragrant essences: Refreshing Lavender, Soothing Tea Tree and Cooling Peppermint.

The Fab Feet Exfoliating Shower Mat and the Fab Feet Bio-Gels are used countrywide in South Africa – Dis-Chem Pharmacies, Alpha Pharmacies, Pick ‘n Pay Hypermarkets and Game and Dions discount store.

Backed by leading podiatric doctor, these products make it a lot a lot easier to clean up, exfoliate and care for your feet with extraordinary results.

No more bouncing around on one foot, suggesting to keep your balance in the shower. Make use of these products daily and your feet and your customers too will be fresher and much healthier, feel smoother and softer and look certainly great!

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