Know the Benefits and the Disadvantages of Taking Birth Control Pills

Know the Benefits and the Disadvantages of Taking Birth Control Pills

Today, sexually active young and adult women have broad variations of birth control options to select from. Among the most popular contraceptive options are the barrier strategies, the hormonal agent techniques, the natural home preparation, and sanitation.

In the various birth control techniques developed for females, bulk of them opt to make use of birth control pill, for these are incredibly born in mind for their efficiency, usage advantage, and rate. Aside from the tablets’ effectiveness in preventing unfavorable pregnancies, birth control pills also use other health benefits to users, for that reason, making them amongst the most desired kinds of birth control strategies in the market.

In spite of the security claims of birth control pill, this type of oral contraception also has some threats and issues with regard to the usage. Due to the fact that oral contraception require prescription from health specialists or gynecologists, it is a have to for sexually active women to comprehend the benefits and disadvantages of taking tablets prior to opting to use them.

Below is list of the benefits and drawbacks of each sort of birth control pill:

1. Progestin-only tablet or POP


a. This tablet can reduce or alleviate menstrual pain and cramps.

b. This tablet can avoid or decrease blood loss throughout the menstruation.

c. This tablet is very recommended for girls who merely offered their kids for breast-feeding.

d. It is easy to stop the usage.


a. This tablet requires a strict usage schedule.

b. This tablet activates irregular bleeding cycle.

c. This tablet is less effective than the mix type of birth control pill.

d. This tablet does not secure the user from STDs.

2. Mix tablet


a. This tablet decreases cramps, pain, and menstrual blood loss.

b. This tablet minimizes the user’s vulnerability to cancer, ovarian cysts, and topical pregnancy.

c. This tablet decreases the user’s premenstrual indications.

d. This tablet regularizes a girl’s menstruation.

e. This tablet can handle the physical and mental indications of premenstrual dysphoric condition.

f. This tablet has beneficial influence on cholesterol.

g. This tablet helps improve acne condition.


a. This tablet may activate hypertension.

b. This tablet may activate recognizing, queasiness, and tossing up.

c. This tablet may help in the advancement of liver developments and gallstones.

3. Emergency circumstance birth control pill


a. This tablet prevents conception after a few days of susceptible sexual relations.

b. This tablet is typically easily offered.

c. This tablet is a problem-free alternative birth control in case other contraception types quit working.


a. This tablet may place difficulty in usage timing. In this type of oral contraception, one have to take the initial pack within a specific range of hours after taking part in a vulnerable sexual relations.

b. This tablet may activate headache, lightheadedness, exhaustion, tossing up, in addition to queasiness.

c. This tablet may set off bleeding.

d. This tablet may activate breast pain and stomach pain.

Ladies needs to comprehend the above gone over benefits and downsides of the 3 sort of birth control pills (even if health experts or physician will more than most likely discuss them throughout evaluation), for these information will help them select if birth control pill proper for their health condition and lifestyle.

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